Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping with GameFilm® Consultants

Mystery shopping can be a true difference-maker.

Mystery Shopping with GameFilm® Consultants

Mystery shopping can be a true difference-maker for any organization that believes in quality service. And for over 15 years, Gamefilm Consultants has helped to pioneer mystery shopping for our clients.

The question we'd like to ask you about mystery shopping is simple: Do you own your customers' experience?™

Since the early 1990s, hundreds of businesses have decided to own their customers' experiences with the assistance of GameFilm® Consultants. Our mystery shopping case studies speak volumes about the enormous potential of mystery shopping and other GameFilm® services to transform your quality of delivery.

What is Mystery Shopping?

You probably know a little about mystery shopping. A mystery shopping professional anonymously poses as a customer of your business, analyzes the performance of your employees and facility based on your custom criteria and delivers a precise customer satisfaction report. We call these written mystery shops. Businesses in a wide variety of industries use mystery shopping to get an impartial look at their current service status.

But that's not the whole story.


Mystery Shopping Techniques

At Gamefilm, we specialize in a number of lesser-known, cutting-edge mystery shopping techniques, like:

A division of Mystery Shoppers, Inc., GameFilm® is the originator of reality-based training and video for the business world. Our reports and video tools make it possible for you to fine-tune your team's performance with incredible thoroughness.

The GameFilm® Mystery Shopping Difference

Unfortunately, unprofessional mystery shopping services don't tell you much more than you already know. The quality of a mystery shopping performance evaluation can vary greatly with the skills of the shopper, the mystery shopping company's training and procedures, the detail level of the reporting and perhaps most significantly, the closeness of the partnership between your company and the mystery shopping company. If your mystery shopping partner understands your business goals and competitive advantages as clearly and urgently as you do, your mystery shopping reports are your eyes and ears, keeping you apprised of critical developments, business health indicators and hidden opportunities.

At Gamefilm, we have access to over 200,000 skilled mystery shopping analysts around the country. The industry leader, we schedule more than 60,000 mystery shopping visits per month with more than 50 schedulers. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our mystery shopping clients, enabling us to become true vendor partners.

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