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Mystery shopping, market research, direct customer feedback and more! How is your organization performing? Let us set up a demonstration to show you how you can enhance your teams' performance.

Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping can be a true difference-maker for any organization that believes in quality service. And for over 15 years, GameFilm® Consultants has helped to pioneer video mystery shopping and written mystery shopping for our clients.

The question is simple: Do you own your customers' experience?™

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Market Research
We're proud of our ability to help clients develop and derive value from direct customer feedback, whether by increasing the amount of feedback you receive, developing new avenues for receiving direct customer feedback or assisting you in determining how to draw actionable strategies from the feedback you've gotten.

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That first employee training session may seem routine to you, but it's your new employees' first chance to be impressed with your company. If you care about what you do, and you want your new employees to care too, it should show in your employee training.
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Is your data clear and actionable?

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Do you own your customers' experience? 

Market Research